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It's wild how far animation accessibility and production quality has come. What would have taken fifteen months fifteen years ago can be done in fifteen days now. Beautiful work here.

We were all so young back then.

This is absolutely fantastic. I have been an avid user of this site for over half my life, and I am saddened by the fact that this only has 9,213 views. Newgrounds used to pull a lot of views, but apparently those days are gone. The people who have downvoted this obviously have never animated themselves. To call this animation anything but superb is ridiculous. At the very least, this is far better than anything I ever saw in my childhood.

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And to FadedSunnyDays, Satan and Lucifer are separate entities. Read the Bible.

Well, it works now.

It still doesn't have any original or challenging questions. I gave you a two, against my better judgement, because I fear that this is going to be blammed. If not, or if so, I recommend that you put better questions in.
Love, David

Nickk0 responds:

u didn't gave me a 2, but a 5 xD
i know, these questions are very basic.

Very cute.

The Good: I liked this flash. It was cute, and I'm not a homosexual or anything. It was very funny and the setup was good. I quite enjoyed how you put your dogs' "special traits" in there. Very funny.

The Bad: The game was too planned out. It really did not take any input from the player. If you took about 300 pictures and then you made a longer game and scripted it and allowed for some "random" user input, things would be much better. I can see a cutesy game like that getting above 4.00. Maybe add some more monsters and give the game more characters with different traits. I understand that these are your dogs and that was all that you had to work with, however.

The Ugly: The gameplay. I think I covered that well enough in the "The Bad:" section, however.

All around, it was a fun, cute game. Rather badly executed, but fun nonetheless. I await more.

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This is a great song/loop. I enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the time and effort you must put into these. If I ever make a flash that is decent and for some reason has techno, I'll look you up.

Neon-Crepth responds:

hey thnx man. i take it from what you said you haven't tried to compose anything?... you should definitely get a demo of FL studios and try it out.

Night of Broken Glass

I liked it.

xerochi responds:

Thanks. I'd like to see this song in a Christmas flash. I think it could fit somewhere...

Best Pirate Rap ever!

This definitely beats out the Epic Movie's Pirate Rap. Great job. I might partake in the contest. Good luck finding a video.

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